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DFLWIMMC.ZIP This is a great tool from CRAWLER =AGZ=. You can exspect updates on this one.
 Crawler reports that the name stands for Delta Force LandWarrior Item Map Making Companion. This is a program that let you view all objects, landscapes, weather conditions, different time of day effects that you can insert to your map. The difference between this program and others on the DF sites, is that this is a program. Not a browsable bunch of pictures.
Current Version 1.2
Size: 1.9 Mb 2001-01-18
NEWS! Update to version 1.3. 90 more pictures.
Here is the link:

You will need VB5 runtime library to run this program. If you donīt have it, you can download it from here: WWW.Download.com/VB5RUNTIME