How to be promoted in DF:LW

First of all i want to state that this is not a solution for all. Depending on your playing style, it can differ a lot between you and other players.  My document is based on statistics from Nova Logic. I have checked statistics on other players and i have tried to make conclusions after that.

Easy or Hard?

One thing is crystal clear. If you are an all-round player and play all type of games and use different character such as Medic, Gunner and Sniper. You should be able to reach a higher rank before players who only play as one character and in only one or two type of games.

Everything counts…

It seems like everything counts when calculating rank. The only thing I’m not sure of is if deaths counts. But if you have many destroyed targets in ad and you have been a good medic it sure helps you to receive a higher rank faster then if you only kill people.

Total Level

I will talk about a total level further down in this document. What i mean then is the total level you have in DM/KOTH/AD/CTF. For example you can have level 12 in DM, level 13 in AD, Level 10 in CTF and level 23 in KOTH. A total level of 58 in this case. Higher total level means that you don’t need so many kills to raise in rank.

When can i expect a higher rang?

This is not exact numbers. Read the table as this: If you have a total level of 50 you can be a Captain with only 1900 kills. And if you have level 40 in total level you may need 4800 kills to achieve captain’s rank.  



Total Level

1 Private

1:st kill


2 Private First Class



3 Corporal



4 Sergeant

~200- missing data


5 Sergeant First Class



6 Master Sergeant



7 Sergeant Major



8 Second Lieutenant



9 First Lieutenant



10 Captain



11 Major



12 Lieutenant Colonel



13 Colonel



14 1-Star General



15 2-Star General



16 3-Star General



17 4-Star General



18 5-Star General


(70 is extreme. level 50 in KOTH, lots of zone time)

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