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Long time since last update!. That is because i don't play DF anymore. But A couple of people has been asking for my medalpage. And i have decided to put it back on the original spot. So for now on until i'm making a totally new page, you can watch my medals page again. I'm not going to change it. Take it as it is. If anyone want's to copy the information or pictures for there own site, it's ok.
Third week on Webmasters league. Lucifer defeats Smokin420@Bud With 0-3
Thanks to my team!
See scores true.html
Second week on Webmasters league. We won on VO. Our opponent Miss-Match didn't show up.
I'm closing my medalsite. (Or moving). It will be hosted bu DFGAMER.COM from now on. I Will redirect all to that page. Thank's for this time. I will be back.

First round in Wemasters league. Lucifers won with 0-3 against DFUK. A very funny game, but we didn't like that They played and host on the same computer. You can see on the score, who did host the game.2001-08-17
DF Webmasters league is starting now. I have a great team with me in the competition. Crawler, Intruder, Yaki, Janus and myself. You can see the standings and our progress on . is hosting then tournament.2001-07-16
I gave my permission to DFGAMER.COM today. The can use the information in my medalpage at their site. I have looked at it, and it looks nice.
I made COLONEL tonight. Total Level 71 and 7160 kills. I also received my Third CQB Badge tonight. 500 knife kills.
I have joined two different Top-lists to see how well my site compares to other well known DFLW sites. So far i'm in 1st place on Delta Force Banner Exchange. I have also joined NovaGuild Top 100. Last one is LWSPOT Topsites. You are welcome to click on banners to see other good? DFLW pages. 
 I got my first Recovery medal today. 75 saved flags....
I did receive my first CTF badge today. 100 captured flags. It took some time.
I have got my ADSL now. 512 Kbit  into my computer. I have been interwied by and by Two great DF sites. I still have 300-500 visitors/ week on my site. Thatīs good. My medalpage is complete now, thanks to jumper5836_fh. Because he is such a good DFLW player we got the answers to our medal questions.
The summer is here and i have a lot of other things to do instead of playing DFLW. Sorry for that but i canīt play as much as i have done the last monthīs. Itīs also a fact that i have to change play style if i want to receive new medals and it will take me a while before iīm good at something new.
4th Hill giant medal. 720 minutes in zone (12 hours ! ).2001-04-28
My new rank is LIEUTENANT COLONEL. Got it today after 5300 kills and 700 mins in zone. Level 26 in KOTH
2001-04-27 has got permission from me to use my medalpage as their own on their site. They have a lot of visitors so it is good for me that they want to have my page there.2001-04-23
Ok, new medals today. Bronze Star (5000 kills) and my second CQB badge for knifing skills. Level 25 on TKOTH.
Total level of 57. I have got my second Army Commendation Medal. And i have received one more purple heart.2001-04-12
I've become a MAJOR today!. I have been playing since 2PM today. Many nice kills, and not so many Deaths. Major came after 3750 kills, 3940 deaths.
Problem with Nova all weekend. But i got in today. Medalservers went up for a moment. I received one Purple Heart and the 2:nd Headshot medal. The cheaters are gone from my site. It was a popular page but since nova start track them down and suspended their accounts, i can't see any reason to keep this page. Instead i have put up a friends list. See who are my closest friends on DFLW.
I'm back again. Not so many news to see at CEBIT. It's must about mobility. How to use your computer and and internet without wires. Medal servers seems to be uo and running again. I've received my third Hill giant while i was away.
I'm taking a few days off now, cause i'm going to CEBIT in Hannover. I'll be back on Thursday again. I haven't seen any cheaters since we kicked Zodiac from NL. Maybe they are scared ? I have published my documentation about ranks and score. Read it on the medal page.2001-03-18
Ok, Cheaters are back.. The same people as before, at least the same player names... From now on i will hang out the cheaters that i see on my "cheater" page. I will have a link from the medal page so the most visitors will see. I'm so tired of people who can't respect other player. 
Numbers and statistics seems to be an interest of mine. I have been collecting statistics from other players in DFLW too see if i can figure out what it takes to get certain medals. I will come back with the result as soon as i can.2001-03-09
I was promoted to CAPTAIN today! Level 19 on TKOTH was also new for today. 2001-03-02
I got a award today. From Delta Force Barracks. Itīs nice to get support from people this way. I know for sure that my site is popular cause i have 9000 hits every week.
Iīve tried to play on different games lately. A&D and DM/TDM. First i got 1:3 in scoring (1 kill 3 death) but now iīm better. (2:1). I have received 3 new medals today. First the 3rd sniper medal for 1000 kills with sniper rifle. Second CQB 1st badge for 100 knife kills and finally Army commendation medal. I still donīt  now what i have to do in order to get this medal.

Im glad today, cause NL shall release a patch tomorrow that will stop the speed cheat. Rumours says that the cheaters below will be banned from NL. Iīm sure hope so.
Do you know that there are cheaters on Novaworlds server ? ILOVE2RUIN'S, CARL LEWIS is the name of a few of them. The two first persons has already changed character name. Itīs a tragic that these people can destroy all the fun with a game. How fun it is to play on NL when a "faster than superman" player can hit you and a player 500 feet away with a knife in the same second?2001-02-04
Big update on medals Page. NL has released 8 new medals. I have them!
I have been promoted to First Lieutenant(9) now!!!
I have left the medical department for now. Back to sniping again. 2 new medals today. Medical 2 (for 75-80 saves) and Hill Giant 2 (for 180 minutes in circle)
I have been playing a lot this weekend. Now i have 
(Completed 3rd Tour of Duty)
an medical1 (Distinguished Revival of Comrades). I have played TKOTH as a medic. Thatīs a good combination. I have also received  marksman:s third medal. (Excellent Lethality In Combat). As you can see it has been i nice weekend for me.
DFLWIMMC is on version 1.3 now. Crawler have updated the program with 90 new item. Oilrig, prison, tunnels and so on.

I have been promoted to: Second Lieutenant now.

DFLWIMMC has been downloaded 200 times so far. CRAWLER has updated the product to version 1.2, including more nice map items then before. Exspect even more from  Crawler. I have put up som counters so i donīt have to go to my statistics page everytime.
You donīt have to wait too long. Soon AGREZZORS99 site will be up and running again.

Iīve  added a new page. DFLW Programs. The first program here will be from Crawler =AGZ=. It is a program called DFLWIMMC Crawler reports that the name stands for Delta Force LandWarrior Item Map  Making Companion. This is a program that let you view all objects, landscapes, weather conditions, different time of day effects that you can insert to your map. The difference between this program and others on the DF sites, is that this is a program. Not a browsable bunch of pictures.
DFLWIMMC can be downloaded from DFLW Programs Page.

My medals page has been a big success. Last week i had over 55.000 visitors to my site, thanks to my medals. That inspires me to more with this page.

**** Many hits to my medal page..... Very fun.... *********

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